The unthinkable has happened. Everything you trusted, hoped and believed in has crumbled beneath you. You’ve been hurt and perhaps wondering if it’s your fault. Your trust, faith, and boundaries have been violated in ways that may feel irreparable.

This is Betrayal.

Sleepless nights, unwanted images of the betrayal, panic attacks, depression, uncontrollable anger, guilt/shame/self-blame, irrational fear, confusion, damaged body image, mood swings, fear of intimacy, or uncontrolled intimacy.

This is Trauma.

When a relationship is betrayed through infidelity, financial duplicity, pornography addiction or an emotional affair, it is a traumatic experience that impacts your life and well-being. At Restored Life, I will walk through betrayal trauma with you to process and heal broken hearts and create hope for the future. I am an empathetic, supportive guide through the complexities of betrayal trauma and recovery.

Couples Work

I enjoy working with couples in all walks of life. Whether you are seeking marital enrichment, increased engagement and intimacy, want to develop conflict management techniques and seek out wishes, hopes and dreams in your relationship, or are struggling to hold things together, I would love to work with you.