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A new way to get better faster.
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Blueprint is a personalized mental health dashboard that tracks and visualizes your symptoms, moods, and other behaviors. Allowing you to better understand and communicate how you’re feeling.

All you need is a monitoring clinician.*

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What clients have to say.**


I love it because it truly tracks your highs and lows and reminds you what to reflect and talk about with your therapist.


I like to have a tool that constantly measures my progress rather than guessing how I feel.


It’s an easy way to reflect on my feelings, especially when it’s hard for me to truly talk about them.

Feel better, faster.

The easiest way to track and improve your mental health.


Track and visualize your symptoms and experiences over time. Allowing you to better understand the connection between your efforts and your results.

Stay Connected with Your Clinician

Let your clinician know what’s going on, even if they can’t be with you. Share information through daily check-ins and assigned activities that can be completed anywhere.

Be Proactive

Collaborate with your clinician on diagnosis and treatment for care that’s more tailored to you. Helping you to feel better, faster.

Key Features


Complete clinical assessments assigned by your clinician to help measure symptoms, efforts to improve, and results.


Capture notes about how you’ve been feeling over time. Allowing you to have an objective log to share in your next appointment.



Access and complete homework exercises and therapeutic worksheets directly from the app.


Set personal reminders to complete assignments that fit your lifestyle and ensure you keep connected with your clinician.

Safety Net

Connect with crisis resources in-the-moment, as-needed. This information is shared with your clinician to help with treatment planning.


Share real-time information with your clinician about things like mood, energy level, sleep quality, social connectedness and more.


Track symptoms, lifestyle metrics and data from your wearables over time to understand trends and identify sudden changes in your mental health.

*Restored Life Counseling is able to provide a monitoring clinician for Washington and Arizona Residents.

**These testimonials are provided by Blueprint Health users working with other monitoring clinicians. Your experience using Blueprint with Restored Life may be different, depending on your level of engagement with the tool and whether you are using it as a standalone resource or an adjunct to therapy.