Recruiting: Board of Directors

Directors volunteer their time and expertise to help the officers (Executive Director/President, Secretary, Treasurer) clarify and execute the mission, vision, and strategic plans of Restored Life Counseling.
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Mission Based Hiring

Free and full affirmation of our statement of faith and commitment to our core values is a condition of serving on the board of directors. As ministers of Christ to a broken world, both personal and professional conduct must reflect alignment with our cause, mission, vision, beliefs, values, and strategy (all of which can be found on our About page).

Why Serve on the Board of Directors

  • You care about Christians making meaningful contributions to the mental health field beyond only clinical services.
  • You care about improving the mental health of families.
  • You love philanthropy.

Position Summary

Directors volunteer their time and expertise to help the officers (Executive Director/President, Secretary, Treasurer) clarify and execute the mission, vision, and strategic plans of Restored Life Counseling.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Meet once a month to discuss and adjust current strategic objectives of the organization (meetings typically last 1-2 hours, are held by video conference two out of every three months, and in person once per quarter).
  • Prepare for board meetings by reading any materials sent by the officers for review (financial reports, reading about strategic issues, etc). This is typically a time commitment of no more than 1 hour, though any director may volunteer their time to invest in deeper preparation to benefit the entire board.
  • Invest one or more monthly hours promoting Restored Life Counseling to one’s personal and professional network for fundraising or other strategic objectives.
  • Maintain a monthly recurring financial donation to Restored Life Counseling of an amount meaningful to the board member. This is standard in many nonprofits, especially those seeking large grant funding. Grantors are hesitant to fund nonprofits with low board participation.
  • Maintain general awareness of state laws pertaining to nonprofits.
  • Maintain general awareness of the organizational bylaws.
  • Hire and fire the officers (subject to state law and organizational bylaws).
  • Set compensation (if any) for the officers.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Alignment with Restored Life’s Statement of Faith and Core Values
  • Be of the age of Majority in Washington State (18)

Preferred Qualifications

We desire to have a diverse board of directors from as many different backgrounds as possible. That said, because of the mission, vision, and strategy of Restored Life Counseling, directors from certain professional backgrounds are highly desired for our board of directors.

Highly Desired Professional Backgrounds

  • Attorneys
  • Accountants
  • Pastors
  • Software Development
  • Software as a Service
  • Machine Learning / Data Science
  • Academic Publishing

For directors from the mental health professions

  • Certification or license in a mental health discipline
  • Specialist certification through one or more of IITAP, ICEEFT, EMDRIA, IATP, the Gottman Institute, or similar.

Success Metrics

  • Regular meeting attendance.
  • Preparation for meetings.
  • Regular promotion of Restored Life to one’s network.


None, this is a volunteer position.

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