Scholarship Policy

Please read the policy below before applying. A link to the application can be found at the bottom of the page. To appeal a determination or revocation, please contact us.

  1. Group therapy meetings will not be discounted by the scholarship.
  2. Scholarship approval depends on the availability of funds.
  3. Scholarships are approved in twelve-session increments. No more than twelve (12) sessions per year may be discounted by the scholarship.
  4. Clients who have not received a scholarship before will get priority over clients who have received a scholarship.
  5. Clients in recovery who are receiving scholarships for therapy are required to participate in group meetings at least once every two weeks (this may include groups other than those hosted at Restored Life).
  6. Any previously approved scholarship will be revoked for a period of twelve (12) months when a client:
    1. Cancels a scheduled session with less than 24 hours of notice;
    2. Misses a scheduled session with no prior communication
    3. Fails to attend group therapy at least once every two weeks;
    4. Cancels, with due notice, three consecutive scheduled sessions;
    5. Cancels, with due notice, three out of five (⅗) of their most recently scheduled sessions, whether consecutive or not;
    6. Has not held a scheduled session for a period of three months;
    7. Fails to complete requested assessments within three sessions of the assessments being requested;
    8. Fails to complete therapeutic homework within three sessions of the homework being assigned.
    9. Is dishonest in their scholarship application.
  7. Clients may appeal, in writing, any revocation of any scholarship during the twelve (12) month revocation period.
  8. Appeals will be considered by the board of directors of the Brotherhood of the Broken in light of any recommendation from the client’s therapist.
  9. Appeals will only be approved for extenuating circumstances genuinely beyond the client’s control or influence.

Please click here for the scholarship application.