About Restored Life Counseling

Restored Life Counseling is a Christian nonprofit counseling and research center helping all kinds of people overcome their deepest personal and relationship challenges. We specialize in the issues of porn addiction, sex addiction, infidelity, and betrayal trauma.
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Mission and Vision

Our vision is to achieve restoration to wholeness for all. Our mission is to provide affordable services and resources to clients and treatment partners that contribute to achieving sobriety, mental health, and relational health.

We Are

Christian – We affirm that Jesus is our Savior.

Protestant – We affirm the five “solas” of the Reformation.

Evangelical – We believe the gospel (which is the original and truest meaning of “evangelical”).

Unfinished – Though we find great beauty in traditional Protestantism, we realize that in some areas traditions may not be fully Scriptural. Where that is the case we are eager to change as the Spirit convicts us through the Word.

Integrative – We affirm that all truth is God’s truth, wherever truth is found. In our work, we consider insights from modern science to the extent that they do not contradict the plain teaching of Scripture.

Curious – We recognize that Christianity, Protestantism, and Evangelicalism are all diverse within themselves. No one is saved by their theology, they are saved by grace. We strive to respect and learn from our brothers and sisters in the faith even when we draw different theological conclusions.

Loving – We believe that all people are created in God’s image, and those outside the faith are due equal love and respect from us as those inside the faith. They shall know we are Christians by our love. We pray that through our love, they might experience the love of Christ, and that the Spirit would draw them to Him through our love.

Traditional toward Marriage and Gender – We affirm that Biblical marriage is between one biological man and one biological woman. We affirm that the true gender of any individual is that revealed by their anatomy at birth and possession of either xx or xy chromosomes.

We Value

Affordable services and resources – money should never be a barrier to restoration.

Continuous Improvement – we will never be perfect, we must always strive to be better.

Practice Based Evidence – we will track the results from our efforts to be better, implement and expand on what works, and drop what does not work.


President/Executive Director: Dan Stephens

Board of Directors: Tim Runcie, Adam Halvorsen, Joe Ensley, Skylar Stephens

2024Strategic Plan

  1. Hire more clinicians (if you know anyone looking for work as a clinician in the mental health field, please share our jobs page with them).
  2. Launch our Pastoral Coaching Program (Stay tuned for further announcements)!
  3. Publish the findings from the Personal Challenges Survey.
  4. Develop more free online and self-serve resources for consumers unable to access mental health care (check out our Personal Challenges Survey).
  5. Promote and publish the Recovery Outcomes Study.
  6. Develop more church partnerships (check out our resources for churches).

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