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Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction, or relationship challenges? I believe I can help.

At different points in my past, I have personally faced each of those challenges. I know what it is to feel overwhelmed, powerless, and stuck.

I have also been successfully helping my clients overcome these challenges since 2014.

I like to combine a “top-down,” behavioral approach, with a “bottom-up,” emotional approach. From the top-down side, once we have an understanding of the challenges that you are facing, we will work up a list of habits that might be helpful. This list is a menu, not a to-do list (at this point in the process, to-do lists do more harm than help).

By themselves, habits are only band-aids on bullet holes and take a long time to produce the change you may be seeking. In the short-term, habits provide the stability that makes bottom-up work possible. In the long-term, they prolong your results from therapy.

From the bottom-up side, we will work together to identify the root source of your struggle and work on healing at the cause level, not just the symptom level. We’ll do this by exploring the story of the life you have lived so far. As we have a better understanding of the story so far, and the story-yet-to-be, we will fine-tune the top-down parts along the way.

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Credentials & Qualifications

  • Helping men and couples heal since 2014.
  • Master of Arts in Counseling, Western Seminary, 2016.
  • Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor (#LH60636677).
  • National Board Certified Counselor.
  • Trained in the Gottman Method up to Level II.