Sex Addiction Recovery

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Why our approach works

Our approach to sex addiction recovery counseling integrates the best research with the best practices in a clear way. (Often, you get either the best practices or the best research, rarely both).

  1. Thorough Intake Assessment – you are unique individuals in a unique marriage. Effective porn addiction counseling keeps that in mind and covers all the bases instead of making assumptions.
  2. Informal and Formal Assessment – You are a human being, not a formula, so we use informal tools. We also cover all the bases with our formal tools.
  3. New skills applied in session, not just crisis management – many therapists are content to debrief the crisis of the week, and keep you coming back for an infinite number of sessions. We want to work ourselves out of a job, so we have you work in session just like we want you to at home.
  4. Outcome Tracking – You are investing time, money, and energy in this process. Outcome tracking measures your return on that investment. If marriage counseling is not working, stop coming, we won’t take it personally.
  5. We value your healing over our revenue. We want you to heal, not keep coming back indefinitely.

Other Issues and Resources

We also treat anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, porn addiction, sex addiction, infidelity, and betrayal trauma.

You can also check out these free resources: