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A Path from Brokenness to Restoration

Our goal is always to work ourselves out of a job. Counseling should be short term, not long term. Our counselors can help you identify and break the relational, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral patterns that keep you stuck.

We do this from two sides. From the top-down, we help you implement new habits that create new experiences outside of the therapy office. From the bottom-up, we help you understand the nature of the challenges you are facing, accept them as reality, and commit to the work of healing.

New and better relationship skills emerge as a natural result of the habits that you implement outside of session, and the relational-emotional work done in the session.

Free Resources

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  2. Relationship Challenges Survey
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  5. 5 Key Habits to Beat Addiction
  6. Scholarships

Scholarship Status

Since insurance does not pay for sex addiction treatment, we offer scholarships to those in need. Scholarships are limited to 50% of the cost of counseling for 12 sessions per year.

Our stable operations goal is that 20% of non-donation revenue goes into the scholarship fund. 20% covers the cost of business, and 60% is spent on program services. Donations may be directed to specific expense categories. We hope to achieve stable operations by the end of 2019.

In 2018, 86.4% of our revenue came from providing clinical services, and 13.6% of our revenue came from donations. 79.1% of donations went to the scholarship fund, and the remaining 20.9% were donor-directed for the general fund.