Addiction Support, Accountability, and 12-Step Groups

We encourage everyone in the first 90 days of recovery to do 90 meetings in 90 days. This is the best way to get your first 90 days of sobriety and set yourself up for long term success in recovery.

If you’re trying to get sober from sex addiction, your primary group should be focused on sex addiction. But recovery principles apply to any addiction. So go to any available meeting during your 90 in 90. Your primary group is the one where your sponsor/mentor/main accountability partner also attends.

  1. Sexaholics Anonymous.
  2. Sex Addicts Anonymous.
  3. Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous.
  4. 423 Men (Christian Oriented).
  5. Pure Desire (Christian Oriented).
  6. Intercept (Christian Oriented).
  7. For Men Only (Christian Oriented).
  8. Alcoholics Anonymous.
  9. Narcotics Anonymous.
  10. Celebrate Recovery (Christian Oriented).
  11. Gamblers Anonymous.

Spouses, Partners, and Loved Ones

Many of the groups above have a component for spouses, partners, or loved ones. For substance addictions or gambling, it is fairly easy to find a group to call home. For partners or loved ones of sex addicts, it is more challenging.

Sex addiction recovery is the farthest behind in faith communities, clinical communities, and recovery communities. Recovery for partners or loved ones is even farther behind. Many partner groups err to one extreme or the other of being either a toxic vent session or an enabling session.

Neither toxic venting nor enabling is a healthy response for anyone. Be prepared to attend three to four meetings each at two to three different groups before finding a good fit for you.

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