Referral Partners and Resources in Washington State

Recovering from porn addiction, sex addiction, infidelity, or betrayal trauma is a complicated journey. Therapists that work with these concerns should have advanced training before calling themselves specialists. That said, specialist training is very expensive, and many therapists have solid clinical experience even before they get the specialist training.

The standard of care for couples recovering from porn addiction, sex addiction, infidelity, or betrayal trauma includes three therapists, one individual therapist for each person and a couples therapist. As long as the goal is for the couple to stay together, each therapist should have a release of information permitting them to coordinate care with the other two.

The list of therapists on this page is not exhaustive. There are a lot of great counselors who can help. I just haven’t met them yet.

Great Counselors in Washington State to Consider

  1. Stephen Grant (CSAT)
  2. Chuck Verro (CSAT)
  3. Robyn Moore (CPTT), 360-901-2038, (email only, she does not have a website)
  4. Jim Maxwell  (EFT)
  5. Heather Pace (EFT)
  6. Jasmine Schupp
  7. Trudy Ferguson
  8. Adam Halvorsen

Nontherapeutic Resources

I consider it a therapeutic failure if my clients don’t avail themselves of at least one of these before they finish their work with me.

  1. Affair Recovery Coaching
  2. Hope After Betrayal
  3. Samson Society (Christian-Oriented)
  4. 423 Communities (Christian-Oriented)
  5. Pure Desire (Christian-Oriented)
  6. Intercept (Christian-Oriented)
  7. For Men Only (Christian-Oriented)
  8. Celebrate Recovery (Christian-Oriented)
  9. Sexaholics Anonymous
  10. Sex Addicts Anonymous
  11. Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
  12. Porn Addicts Anonymous

Specialist Directories

  1. The International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP) trains Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSATs) and Certified Partner Trauma Therapists (CPTTs). Many CSATs and CPTTs are also great couples therapists.
  2. The International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy is a great resource for finding EFT-trained therapists.
  3. The Gottman Referral Network is a great resource for finding couples therapists trained in the Gottman Method.